Potassium Nitrite
Potassium Nitrite

Potassium Nitrite
CAS: 7758-09-0
EINECS: 231-832-4
Formula: KNO2
Molecular Weight: 85.11

Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline.
Synonyms: Nitrousacid, potassiumsalt; nitrousacid,potassiumsalt; Nitrousacidpotassiumsalt;
Soluble in ammonia and water, aqueous solution was alkaline. Slightly soluble in alcohol, not the solution in acetone. At 350. C decomposition begin to generate potassium and release nitric oxide gas. Asia potassium nitrate as oxidant, toxic! With organic matter. Contact with combustible mixture to combustion and explosion, and release toxic and irritating the peroxy nitrogen and nitric oxide gas. Mixed with iron salts or cyanide explode.
Hazard Codes: O, T, N
Risk Statements: 8-25-50
UN: 1488
Hazard Class 5.1
Packing Group II
RTECS: TT3750000
Quality Production and testing are organized strictly in accordance with national standard, qualities of products is in accordance with HG3-919-76.
Specification Standard
KNO2 98%min
Chloride 0.02%max
Water-insoluble 0.01%max
Sulphate 0.02%max
Na 2.5%max
Heavy metal 0.005%max
Packing: 1KG, 5KG, 25kg bag or cardboard drum