Calcium Nitrite Solution
Calcium Nitrite Solution
Calcium Nitrite Solution

Other names: Calcium Nitrite Liquid, Liquid calcium nitrite                                                                                                       
CAS Number: 13780-06-8
EINECS: 237-424-2
Specific gravity: 1.26~1.32
Boiling point: 108°C
Freezing point:-10°C.
pH: 9.0-11.0
Transparent liquid with yellow colour. 

It is the main material of concrete additive, it can be used in the making of antifreeze, rust inhibitor of steel bar, early strength agent, it also can be used in the washing of heavy oil, emulsification of lube and chemicals
Packed in 1.3mt IBC, 225kg plastic drum, 20mt flexible freight bags.

Index Top Grade Qualified Grade
Ca(NO2)2  (dry basis)%≥ 30-33% 30-33%
Ca(NO3)2  (dry basis) %≤ 0.8-1.5% 1.5%
Insoluble substance in water % ≤ 0.2-0.5% 1%
Calcium Hydroxide% ≤ - 1%
pH 11-12 12-13
Appearance Yellowish Solution Yellowish Solution