Barium Carbonate
Barium Carbonate
Barium Carbonate
Molecular Formula: BaCO3
Molecular Weight: 197.34
CAS No.:513-77-9
EINECS No.:208-167-3
Hazard Class: 6.1
UN No: UN1564
Packing Group: III
Specific gravity: 4.43
Melting point: 1740
Technical parameters(National standard: GB1614-99):
Barium carbonate powder
Item\Index\Grade Top grade
BaCO3 %≥ 99.2
Moisture %≤ 0.30
Ignition residue of Hcl insolubles %≤ 0.15
Total sulphur %≤ 0.25
Fe %≤ 0.004
Fineness: floury 125μm residue on test sieve %≤ 0.2
Barium carbonate particles
Item\Index\Grade Top grade
Fineness: floury 850μm residue on test sieve %≤ 1
Fineness: floury 150μm residue on test sieve %≥ 75
  1. Desulfurization in the production of pentasodium phosphate.
  2. Used to handle sewage containing chrome
  3. Used to produce glass products
  4. Used to produce radioceramic.
  5. Used to produce carburizer.
  6. Used as flux.
  7. Used as water purifier and rodenticide
  1. Inorganic toxic chemicals, hazardous code 83004, kept in dry place, no breakage, or leakage.
  2. The loader should clean clothes and body after load it, or it may happens poisoning.
  3. Do not mix with acids and foods.
Packaging Detail: 25kg PP/PE Bag, 27mt/20'fcl or 1000kg Jumbo Bag