Sodium Thiocyanate
Sodium Thiocyanate
Product Name : Sodium Thiocyanate
Synonyms:Sodium Sulfocyanate,Sodium Rhodanide
CAS NO:540-72-7  
EINECS No.:    208-754-4
Molecular formula: NaSCN  
Molecular weight: 81.07
Appearance:White crystalline solid
Index Export Grade First Grade Liquid
NaSCN Min % 99.0 98.0 50--53
PH value in water(50g/L) 6.0--8.0 6.0--8.0 8.0--12.0
Clarity Test  in water(100g/L) Clarity Clarity Clarity
Insoluble substance in water    Max % 0.005 0.005 0.003
Chlorid(Cl-)     % Max 0.02 0.04 0.01
Sulfate(SO42-)    % Max 0.02 0.04 0.01
Heavy metal(Pb)     % Max 0.002 0.005 0.001
Iron(FE)      % Max 0.0002 0.0002 0.0001
Water      % Max 1 1.8 ---
ALIAS: Sodium Rhodanide, Sodium Sulfocyanate, Sodium Rhodanate, Sodium Isocyanate, sodium Isothiocyanate, Thiocyanic Acid, Sodium Salt
Properties: NaSCN,a white rhombic system crystal, is soluble in water, ethanol, acetone; Relative density is 1.735. Melts at approx.287¡æ. decomposes on heating and under influence of light producing toxic fumes of sulfur oxides,nitrogen oxides and cyanides. Reacts violently with acids,strong bases and strong oxidants.
Mainly used in sectors of pharmaceuticals, pesticide, synthetic fibre, electroplating, photography, accelerator for cement etc
Fibre industriy : as spinning solvent for polyacrylonitrile
Architecture industriy: hardening accelerator for cement and concrete mixes
Pesticide: raw material for the production of a number of herbicides and fungicides
Pharmaceuticals: raw material for the production of a number of pharmaceutical products
Packing: 25 kgs net in PP bag with inner of polyethylene bag.
Storage: Keep in tightly closed bags.Store in cool, dry, ventilated area to prevent it from being deliquescent. Separated from acides, bases and oxidants.