Strontium Nitrate
Strontium Nitrate
  Strontium Nitrate   
CAS NO.:10042 -76- 9
EINECS: 233-131-9
UN 1507 5.1/PG 3
Property :White crystal and powder. The relative molecular weight is 211.63 and density is 2.986. It isn’t deliquescence in the air and can dissolve in water and liquid ammonia, but not in ethanol and nitric acid. The melting point is 570℃. It will decompose under high temperature. It has the strong oxidizing property and can cause burning and explosion while meet the open fire if put it together with organic substance and sulfur etc. It gives out the carmine flame while burning.
Molecular Formula :Sr(NO3)2
Molecule Weight:211.63
Appearance:White Free Flowing Crystal or Powder
Specification (GB/T 669-1994):
Item Quality Index
High-Class First-Class Qualified-Class
Purity 99.3% min 99.0% min 98.0% min
Moisture : 0.05% max 0.10% max 0.5% max
Calcium (Ca ) 0.05% max 0.10% max 0.5% max
Iron (Fe) 0.005% max 0.001% max 0.05% max
Barium (Ba ) 0.05% max 0.1% max 0.5% max
Water insolubles 0.1% max 0.2% max 0.5% max
Sodium ( Na ) : 0.1% max 0.2% max 0.5% max
Application:It is mainly used to produce fireworks, signal flare, match, flame tube, TV kinescope, and analysis agent, as well as optical glass and medicine industries.
Packing:Packed in 25kg plastic woven bag or as per the buyer’s requirement.
(1) This product shall be stored in the place where keep ventilation and dry against rain, heated and insolation under sunlight.
(2) This product shall not be delivered or stored together with organic inflammable substance and reduzates.
(3) The fire caused by strontium nitrate can be eradicated by a lot of water.
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