Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous
Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous
Calcium Nitrate Anhydrous

Other Names: Anhydrous Calcium Nitrate, Calcium Salt, Norwegian saltpeter; Calcium dinitrate, Lime nitrate, Nitro calcite, Lime saltpeter
MF: Ca (NO3)2
CAS No.: 10124-37-5
EINECS No.: 233-332-1

Calcium nitrate Anhydrous is a yellowish white powder, easily dissolve in water. It over-come the shortcomings of calcium nitrate tetrahydrate easily to deliquescence in the air.

Mainly used in rubber emulsion flocculants, oil exploration well, sewage treatment, fireworks, also in the industries of coolant, antifreeze of cement and rubber gloves etc.
In agriculture, as quick-acting fertilizer used in greenhouse and large-area farmland, etc.
Plastic woven bags or plastic complex bags, Net weight: 25/50/500/1000kg.

Technical Specification
Item Standard
Content 94.0%min
PH Value PH 6-8
Heavy Metal 0.001%max
Water Insoluble 0.2%max
Sulphate 0.15%max
Iron 0.002%max
Chloride 0.02%max
Calcium Oxide 33.0%min
Nitrogen 17%min