Calcium Formate
Calcium Formate
Calcium Formate
1.General Information
Product Name: Calcium Formate
Trade Name: Calcium Formate(Tech Grade,Feed Grade)
CAS Number: 544-17-2
EINECS Number: 208-863-7
HS Number: 29151200
Molecular Formula:                                                                                                                                                                                                          C2H2CaO4
Molecular Weight: 130.12
Classifications: Organic calcium salt
Appearance: White powder
2.Component Information
It is formed in the production of pentaerythritol. Contains at least 98% of assay.
3. Application
An indutrial chemical compound and faster setting,early strengh gain acceleraing admixture for concrete or mortars. It is used in the building industry, in the production of feedstuff mixtures, for silage and in the tannery.
Feed addtitives. As feed additives, which can stimulation animals appetite and Reduce the rate of diarrhea. After animal be weaned, add 1.5% calcium formate in feed, which can improve animal growth rate more than 12%.

4.Quality Sepecification

Item Tech Grade Tech Grade 2 Feed Grade
Purity, wt.%, min. 98 98 99
Ca content,wt.%,min. 30.1 30 30.4
Heavy metals (Pb), wt.%,max. --- --- 0.001
Water insoluble, wt.%, max. --- --- 0.20
Dry weight loss (%), wt.%, max. 0.5 1.0 0.5
PH of 10% water solution 6.5--7.5 6.5-7.5 6.5--7.5
5.Packing: 25/900/1100/1200kgs bags or as customer's require