Sodium Hydrosulfite
Sodium Hydrosulfite
Sodium Hydrosulfite
Other name: Sodium Hydrosulphite , SHS
Chemical Formula: Na2S2O4
CAS No.:7775-14-6
EINECS: 231-890-0
UN No.:1384
Dangerous Class: 4.2        
HS Code:28311000
Appearance: Free-flowing white crystalline powder
Odor: Odorless or with a slight odor of sulfur dioxide
1,Widely used in printing and dyeing industry, such as cotton fabrics dyeing auxiliary, silk fabric bleaching.
2,Used as bleaching agent in paper industry
3,Used as bleaching agent, antiseptic agent and antioxidant agent in food industry
4,Used as bleaching agent for soap, oil esters, pulp in light industry
5,Used for producing rongalite, sodium thiosulfate, thiourea, sulfur, benzoic acid, six O(medical),synthetic dyes, also used copperplate printing, analytical reagent in the chemical industry, etc.
6,Used as reducing agent in printing and dyeing industry
Product specifications
INDEX 90% 88% 85% 74%
Na2S2O4 ≥90% ≥88% ≥85% ≥74%
Fe ≤20ppm ≤20ppm ≤20ppm ≤30ppm
Zinc(Zn) ≤1ppm ≤1ppm ≤1ppm ≤1ppm
Other heavy metal (as Pb) ≤1ppm ≤1ppm ≤1ppm ≤1ppm
Water Insolubles ≤0.05% ≤0.05% ≤0.05% ≤0.05%
Shelf Life(month) 12 12 12 12

Package: Packed in 50kg iron drum with double inner plastic bags. Quantity/20'FCL: 21MT (420 Drums).

Sodium Hydrosulfite
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